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ISSUE No. 59

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THE RAID ON SAINT-NAZAIRE. Preservation -   Saint Nazaire Ecomuseum.  Crime in WWII - The US Prison at   Shepton Mallet. 50 Years   Ago - Anschluss in Austria.

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THE RAID ON SAINT-NAZAIRE - 'The Greatest Raid of All' against the Normandie Dock using the   explosive-laden HMS Campbeltown on March 28, 1942. Preservation -   Saint Nazaire Ecomuseum - The unique submarine museum inside the bomb-proof   lock at the French Atlantic port. Crime in WWII - The US Prison at   Shepton Mallet - America's military prison in the UK in which it carried out   the execution of its servicemen guilty of Capital crimes. 50 Years   Ago - Anschluss in Austria - The events of April 9, 1938.

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