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ISSUE No. 54

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OPERATION 'MINCEMEAT'.   Wreck   Discovery - Unknown Maloelap.  It Happened Here - The Aarhus Attack .  Crime in WWII - Show Trial at Luchy.

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OPERATION 'MINCEMEAT' - Roger   Morgan tells the story of Major Martin, 'the man who never was'. Wreck   Discovery - Unknown Maloelap - The battle for and relics remaining on   Taroa Island in the Pacific Marshalls. William H. Bartsch tells the story and   photographs what is left. It Happened Here - The Aarhus Attack - Bent Pedersen researches the low level Mosquito raid on the Gestapo   Headquarters in the University of Aarhus on the Jutland peninsula near   Copenhagen. Crime in WWII - Show Trial at Luchy - Jean Paul Pallud   investigates a German field court-marshal in May 1940.

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