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VICTORY PARADE IN LONDONIt Happened Here - George Merganthaler.   Readers' Investigations -   The Night that shook Sydney.  Preservation - Alight Lough Erne. War Film - Tora! Tora! Tora! Wreck Recovery - The Loch Ness Wellington. Crime in WWII - A   Costly Liberation.

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VICTORY PARADE IN LONDON - Dennis Bateman describes in detail the victory parade held on June 8,   1946. It Happened Here - George Merganthaler - The last battle by   the grandson of Ottmar Merganthaler (inventor of the Linotype typecasting   machine) in Luxembourg in December 1944. Readers' Investigations -   The Night that shook Sydney - John A. Williams recounts the events of May 31,   1942, when Sydney Harbour was attacked by the Japanese. Preservation - Alight Lough Erne - The story of the flying boat base in Northern Ireland   as told by Ian Henderson. War Film - Tora! Tora! Tora! - Recreation of the attack on Pearl Harbor as depicted in the 20th Century Fox   1970 production. Wreck Recovery - The Loch Ness Wellington - Recovery of N2980 from a Scottish Loch, now on display at the Brooklands   Museum at Weybridge described by Stephen Flower. Crime in WWII - A   Costly Liberation - Retribution in the small French town of   Chalautre-la-Petite in August 1944 investigated by Jean Paul Pallud.

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