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ISSUE No. 47

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OPERATION 'MERKUR', THE GERMAN   INVASION OF CRETE.  It Happened   Here - The Kidnapping of General Kreipe. Readers' Investigations -   The Granville Raid.

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OPERATION 'MERKUR', THE GERMAN   INVASION OF CRETE - Jean Paul Pallud's detailed account covers the First   Wave, The Second Wave, The Failure of the Seaborne Reinforcement, The Deciding   Phase, The Pursuit Eastwards, The Evacuation, Crete Today. It Happened   Here - The Kidnapping of General Kreipe - The successful capture of the   German Commander on Crete in April, 1944. Readers' Investigations -   The Granville Raid - The surprise attack by German Naval Forces on the   American-held French port in February, 1945 detailed by Michael Ginns.

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