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BREAKING ENIGMA. The Battle of the Bulge. Wreck   Recovery - Portsmouth Graveyard.  It Happened Here - The Death of the Duke of Kent. Preservation - Fort Velsen Dismantled. Investigations - Saltram House.  United Kingdom -   London's Wartime Headquarters. Crime in WWII - The Killing of Guardsman Fox.  

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BREAKING ENIGMA - The story   about breaking the German codes - My Secret Life with Ultra - by former   WREN Diana Payne. The Battle of the Bulge - An introduction by   Jean Paul Pallud to his book The Battle of the Bulge Then and Now. Wreck   Recovery - Portsmouth Graveyard - Pounds scrapyard at Portsmouth. It Happened Here - The Death of the Duke of Kent - The fatal crash of   Sunderland W4026 in August 1942 in Scotland investigated by David J. Smith. Preservation - Fort Velsen Dismantled - Removal of an armoured Cupola   from the fort near Amsterdam for preservation. Readers'   Investigations - Saltram House - Wartime tree carvings in this stately   home near Plymouth discovered by Leonard A. Flood. United Kingdom -   London's Wartime Headquarters - John Reed's coverage of the buildings used by   the Governments of the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Poland, Canada and United   States forces in London. Crime in WWII - The Killing of Guardsman Fox   - The death of a Grenadier Guardsman, stabbed near the Snappy Snax Cafe in   Eastbourne in July 1944, investigated by Andy Saunders.

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