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Bart Vanderveen Trophy > 2010

The Bart Vanderveen Challenge Shield is awarded annually to the individual, chosen by nominations, who has contributed most to the military vehicle preservation movement. Inaugurated and sponsored by After the Battle, publishers of Wheels & Tracks magazine which was founded by Bart Vanderveen in 1982 and edited by him until the 75th issue published in April 2001. The trophy is presented at the War and Peace Show, which is the world's largest gathering of privately owned military vehicles, held annually at The Hop Farm, Beltring, Paddock Wood, Kent, in July.

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This year's recipient of the Bart Vanderveen award has been known as the 'Grandfather of military vehicle collecting'. He bought his first vehicle, a Loyd carrier, for £15 in 1947 and since then has owned a great many Second World War military vehicles. However he is probably best known for his abiding love of Canadian Military Pattern vehicles. He is John Marchant.

Bart Vanderveen Trophy 2010

John's first CMP was a Ford F60S bought for £17 10s -- that's 17 pounds 50 pence to you youngsters -- in 1948, a vehicle he owned for many years, and probably still does. He collected armoured vehicles when such treasures were virtually unknown in private hands. John has been a mine of information to owners of CMP vehicles, and during the late 'seventies he started compiling the CMP Register, to try to record the surviving CMP vehicles.

He produced a most interesting book Work and Play with Ex-Military Vehicles and many of the stories he recounts involve activities that must give nightmares to any Health and Safety minded reader.

     Having been involved with ex-military vehicles so long ago, John was acquiring spares, manuals, and all manner of goodies for his vehicles at a time when much of this material was weighed in for scrap, or thrown onto a fire. He still manages to turn up at a show with a few choice items of the hen’s teeth variety, and many vehicle owners have blessed his name after he has helped them out with a part that had seemed unobtainable.

John is a quiet, knowledgeable man, respected by all, and I know that Bart would hugely support my giving him this award today.