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Bart Vanderveen Trophy > 2003

The Bart Vanderveen Challenge Shield is awarded annually to the individual, chosen by nominations, who has contributed most to the military vehicle preservation movement. Inaugurated and sponsored by After the Battle, publishers of Wheels & Tracks magazine which was founded by Bart Vanderveen in 1982 and edited by him until the 75th issue published in April 2001. The trophy is presented at the War and Peace Show, which is the world's largest gathering of privately owned military vehicles, held annually at The Hop Farm, Beltring, Paddock Wood, Kent, in July.

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In 2003 the trophy was awarded to the War and Peace Show itself — then in its 21st year. The award was received jointly by John Burford on behalf of the Invicta Military Preservation Society and Rex Cadman for War and Peace Ltd.


This was Winston Ramsey's address:

Two years ago this trophy was inaugurated in the name of one of the founding fathers of the military vehicle preservation movement - the late Bart Vanderveen — and its purpose is to honour in a tangible way notable contributions to a movement epitomised by all we see here today.

The award is nominated by you and I'd ask everyone to send in their nominations for next year - the form is in the programme.

When Bart began restoring and writing about military vehicles back in the late 1950s, he could never have envisaged in his wildest dreams an event such as this.

This show had its early beginnings as a small rally organised by like-minded enthusiasts in 1980 at Chilham Castle. This first show led to the formation of the Invicta Military Preservation Society with the lovely acronym — the IMPS -represented here by its current chairman, John Burford.

The next show in 1982 was held at the Kent and Sussex Railway at Tenterden, and this combined military/steam theme continued until the show moved here to the Hop Farm in 1987. That year 185 vehicles attended.

Two years later it had grown to 400 vehicles and included tracked armour, and Rex Cadman came in to help organise a show which was growing in size and scope every year.

In 1994, 1,000 vehicles attended the 'Back to the Beaches' event to mark the 50th anniversary of D-Day, and there were even more entrants the following year in 'The Victory Show'.

The name War and Peace was adopted in 1996 and the show extended to run over three days. Like Topsy, it had grown out of all proportion to its early beginnings. I used to walk round with Bart who never ceased to be amazed at the variety of vehicles, some very rare, others which his discerning eye would quickly spot as not original.

Mock battles were introduced attracting much media attention, but behind the scenes the future of the show was threatened when the Hop Farm was put up for sale in 1997. Fortunately the new owners, Brent and Fiona Pollard, were very keen to see the show develop but the demands on IMPS to run it with more than 3,000 vehicles and hundreds of trade stands was getting logistically and financially impossible. So a long term agreement was put in place to ensure the future of the War and Peace show which is the now the largest event of its kind in the world.

There are over 13,000 exhibitors, traders and re-enactors taking part today, and some of the original club members organising the show today are the same as those at the first event 21 years ago.

Bart Vanderveen is no longer with us to see the show but I know that he would thoroughly support the nomination for this years award.

It goes to the War and Peace Show and I would ask John Burford to come forward accept the award on behalf of The Invicta club and its devoted members, and Rex Cadman to receive it on behalf of War and Peace Ltd and his staff who work so hard to make it such a success.