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Bart Vanderveen Trophy > 2002

The Bart Vanderveen Challenge Shield is awarded annually to the individual, chosen by nominations, who has contributed most to the military vehicle preservation movement. Inaugurated and sponsored by After the Battle, publishers of Wheels & Tracks magazine which was founded by Bart Vanderveen in 1982 and edited by him until the 75th issue published in April 2001. The trophy is presented at the War and Peace Show, which is the world's largest gathering of privately owned military vehicles, held annually at The Hop Farm, Beltring, Paddock Wood, Kent, in July.

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In 2002 the trophy was awarded to Peter Gray.

This was Winston Ramsey's address:

Last year, when Bart Vanderveen, the founding Editor of Wheels and Tracks died, I inaugurated in his memory The Bart Vanderveen Challenge Shield. This is to be awarded annually to the individual, chosen by nominations, who has contributed the most to the military vehicle preservation movement.

Before Bart came on the scene with his Olyslager books in the 1960s, the preservation and restoration of military vehicles was virtually non-existent. Ex-Army vehicles were mainly bought by the construction and civil engineering firms, and farmers, but the thought of restoring them to their former glory never really crossed anyone's mind. So the seed was sown and the interest grew . . . but who 40 years ago could possibly have predicted such a scene that can be seen here today?

Ever since those early beginnings, the name of one individual stands supreme and he has overwhelmingly been nominated for the award this year. It gives me tremendous pleasure to acknowledge the debt that we all owe to Peter Gray for giving birth to the Military Vehicle Conservation Group in 1969. Peter's contribution to fostering the tremendous growth of the movement stems right from those early days, now half a century ago. I don't think Peter will dispute that his first love (military vehicle-wise) . . . is for Harleys. He has raced them at Silverstone; run a drag-racing team with them, and rebuilt many of them. He was an early editor of the Harley-Davidson Riders' Club magazine and worked at one time for a Harley dealer in Paris. He started a specialist shop in Worthing for Harleys in 1961 and I am sure there is nothing he doesn't know on the subject of Harleys. But that is just one aspect of Peter's interests. He has rebuilt assorted military vehicles and back in 1978 I had the opportunity to see him at work on his tank destroyer at Pounds, one of the first vehicles to come out of the yard. But Peter has also worked on Rollers, Mercedes, Jaguars, Bentleys, and assorted Yanks.

Peter formed, drove and rode in, his Hell on Wheels Military Display Team and then created the MVCG which has now grown to be the largest club of its kind in the world . . .

His dedicated work behind the scenes in planning and organising memorable tours to the Continent followed and, although Peter has taken a back seat in more recent years, I am thrilled that his peers have now given the recognition that he so richly deserves.