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Issues 1-25

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Issue 1

Issue 1:

CANADIAN CHEVROLET C8A — The story of Canada’s famed CMP Heavy Utility vehicles — part 1: HUPs. FOUR GENERATIONS OF BEDFORD 4×4 TRUCKS — From QL via RL to M and TM: forty years of four-wheel drive from Bedfordshire. MAPLE LEAF JEEPS — Canada’s US-built ‘5-cwt cars’ and home-grown 10-cwt trailers. 12-TON EIGHT BY EIGHT — An ambitious wartime attempt to supplant the US Army’s heaviest 6×6 trucks. VLTTs FOR FRENCH ARMY — The days of the WWII-type Jeep’s active service in France are numbered. KEEP ‘EM ROLLIN’ — A decade of restoring and preserving military vehicles in the Netherlands. BOOK REVIEWS. SINSHEIM MUSEUM — A look at the military section of Germany’s recently opened and unique transport museum. TRACTOR SAVED — The career of a high-speed tracked artillery prime mover. 4×2 WHITE TRUCKS — At the start of WWII, many US commercial-type trucks saw military service. DUXFORD — An annual feast of military vehicles, fire engines and aircraft.
Issue 2

Issue 2:

8-TON 8×8 T20 SERIES — Experimental Eight-Wheelers by Cook Bros. and Corbitt. ‘COOK’S COZY CABINS’ — Chain-drive Combat Carriages. WATER ROVERS — A look at floating, cable-going and amphibious Land-Rovers. AN EARLY ‘AMPHIB’ — Civilian Ford Model AA-based ‘Honukai’ preceded the Ford GPA by fifteen years. THE PATTON MUSEUM — Dean and Nancy Kleffman review the impressive collection of armour at Fort Knox. PATTON’S CADILLAC.
POLISH 6×6 STARS — Profile of Poland’s military tactical trucks: Star 66, 660 and 266. YPR-765 — A unique American/Dutch family of armoured fighting vehicles. CANADIAN CHEVROLET C8A — Canada’s Heavy Utility 4×4 vehicles of World War II — Part 2. BOOK REVIEWS.

Issue 3:

PARASCOOTERS — The smallest, two wheeled, military vehicles of World War II. EASTERN FRONT TRACTOR — Skoda’s Radschlepper Ost: Hitler’s idea, Porsche’s design. HEAVY WRECKERS — Kenworth and Ward La France M1 and M1A1 heavy wrecking trucks of WWII. TALBOT MILITARY TRUCKS IN THE ‘TWENTIES — The British War Office Subsidy 30-cwt Talbot designed by Georges Roesch. HISTORICAL AFVs IN FRANCE — A visit to Le Musée des Blindés at Saumur. BOOK REVIEWS.

Issue 4

Issue 4:

FROM XR311 TO HUMMER — The US Army’s largest-ever contract for tactical wheeled vehicles. WAR RELICS IN TASMANIA — A private museum collection, investigated by Margaret Vanderveen. CANADIAN DODGE T212 — Chrysler Canada’s 8-cwt 4×4 for the British Army, 1941. COVENTRY ARMOURED CARS — Profile of a rare British WWII fighting vehicle. LONDON WAR MUSEUM — Eddie Kenton opens his long-awaited museum in the centre of the metropolis. THE BRITISH ‘GÖRING’ — Ludwig Kosche traces the history of a ‘Grosser Mercedes’. BOOK REVIEWS.

Issue 5

Issue 5:

RALLY NEWS. IDENTIFILE. AMPLIFIER VANS — The use of mobile address systems by the Allies in WWII. FWD HAR-SERIES TRUCKS — American Full-time All-wheel Drive ‘Conventionals’ of World War II. RUDDINGTON THEN AND NOW — Axed by the Ministry, the great centralised Surplus Vehicles Auction Sales are no more. MUSEUM AT DIEPPE — Bureaucratic pressure may close military museum at Dieppe-Pourville. SEEN – READ – HEARD. BOOK REVIEWS.
Issue 6

Issue 6:

RALLY NEWS. IDENTIFILE. SATORY IX - 1983 — New military vehicles at French exposition. WAR RELICS IN AUSTRIA — The remarkable vehicle collection of Robert Gill. HUMBER FV1600 SERIES — A unique British family of combat range trucks. SEEN - READ - HEARD. THE TANK MUSEUM — David Fletcher surveys Britain's AFV collection from within Bovington Camp. BEFORE AND AFTER. BOOK REVIEWS


Issue 7

Issue 7:

IDENTIFILE. RALLY NEWS. HISTORY RELIVED IN CANADA — The Canadian Military Historical Society and Gregg Canadian Collection. FORD AT WAR — A brief survey of the American Ford Motor Co.'s war effort, Part 1. 16-CYLINDERED 77-FOOTERS. AUBURN-BODIED JEEPS. PRAGA SIX-WHEELERS — Part 1: 6×4 vehicles from Prah/Prague. SEEN - READ - HEARD. HETZER TO G13 AND BACK — David Carson relates the story of his ex-Swiss Army tank destroyer. BEFORE AND AFTER. GRIZZLIES AND SEXTONS — Canadian ex-WWII AFVs from Portugal. BOOK REVIEWS


Issue 8

Issue 8:

IDENTIFILE. RALLY NEWS. SEEN - READ - HEARD. DESERT CHEVROLETS — A lone Long Rang Desert Group survivor and its contemporaries. FORD AT WAR — Part 2 of a brief survey of the American Ford Motor Co.'s war effort. D-DAY PLUS 14,610 — Wartime vehicles in Normandy, June 1984. PRAGA SIX-WHEELERS — Part 2: The V3S 6×6 and derivatives. BEFORE AND AFTER. BOOK REVIEWS

Issue 9

Issue 9:

RALLY NEWS. SAS LAND-ROVERS — The Special Air Service's Pink Panther and its predecessors. MUSEUM AT CLÈRES — The military vehicles in the collection of Jackie Pichon. EARLY WILLYS JEEPS. DEVELOPMENT OF THE JEEP. CMP SEMINAR '84 — Reliving a period of Canadian history. IDENTIFILE. NORMANDY 1984 — A further review of military vehicles in Normandy. BEFORE AND AFTER. SEEN - READ - HEARD. BOOK REVIEWS


Issue 10

Issue 10:

READERS' FORUM. RALLY NEWS. IDENTIFILE. THE DE HENRIQUEZ ARSENAL — An intriguing collection of WWI and II weaponry at Trieste, Italy. MARKET GARDEN 1984 — Pilgrimage to Dutch WWII battlefields and museums. DISCOVERIES. SEEN - READ - HEARD. OPEL MILITARY CARS — A review of Opel passenger cars as used by the German and other armed forces. NORMANDY III — Looking back again at the 'Overlord' anniversary. BEFORE AND AFTER. BOOK REVIEWS


Issue 11

Issue 11:

READERS FORUM. RALLIES. ZÜNDAPP 1921-1984 — Another German motorcycle marque has become history. LIONHEART '84 — Britain's biggest troop movement since World War II. BASTOGNE 1984 — The fortieth anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge. TREASURE-HOUSE IN FRANCE — The Musée de la Bataille des Ardennes reviewed by Jean Paul Pallud. IDENTIFILE. SEEN - READ - HEARD. DISCOVERIES. A HARLEY WLA — Ray Walker's rebuild of a non-existent Harley-Davidson WLA Liberator. BEFORE AND AFTER. BOOK REVIEWS


Issue 12

Issue 12:

READERS' FORUM. RALLIES. IDENTIFILE. OTO MELARA'S GORGONA — Italy's Ultimate war limousine: the OTO R 2.5. Sd.Kfz. 7 TURNED 7/1 — A unique addition to a sophisticated collection, narrated by Walter J. Spielberger. EIGHT-TON SIX-BY-SIX — Experimental Heavy-Duty 8-ton 6×6 Trucks by Sterling and Kenworth. VINTAGE TRACKS — The ups and downs of driving a World War I tank, described by David Fletcher. SEEN - READ - HEARD. COLLECTIONS. DISCOVERIES. THE NEW REME MUSEUM — The intriguing collection of the Corps of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE REME. BEFORE AND AFTER. BOOK REVIEWS


Issue 13

Issue 13:

READERS' FORUM. RALLIES. IDENTIFILE. VINTAGE TRACKS II — Driving one of The world's oldest tracked vehicles, by David Fletcher. THE HORNSBY TRACTORS — A brief history of the chain-track 'Caterpillars' from Grantham. THE RED BALL EXPRESS — Supplying large armies using high-speed trucks round the clock, by Brian Burrell. INTERNATIONAL M425/M426 — Profile of the US Army's semi-tactical 5-ton 4×2 COE tractor trucks. COLLECTIONS. DISCOVERIES. SEEN - READ - HEARD. BEFORE AND AFTER. BOOK REVIEWS


Issue 14

Issue 14:

READERS' FORUM. RALLIES. IDENTIFILE. WOODEN WHEELS — Chris Clemons of Tasmania reports on horse-drawn military transport. DISCOVERIES. SATORY X. SUPER HEAVY WRECKERS — The US armed forces' pursuance of bigger and better recovery vehicles during the '40s. ALEXANDER'S FORD TOURER — Field Marshal Sir Harold Alexander's staff car, described by Fred Gaffen. DUTCH TRUCKERS DAY. LE BOURGET 1985. SOUTH AFRICAN EIGHT-WHEELERS — The experimental Mk V and Mk VI armoured cars of WWII. SEEN - READ - HEARD. COLLECTIONS. BEFORE AND AFTER. BOOK REVIEWS.


Issue 15

Issue 15:

READERS' FORUM. RALLIES. IDENTIFILE. ROYAL ARMOURED CORPS CENTRE — Open Day 1985 — Bovington Camp. SEEN - READ - HEARD. RECOVERY ON THE PLAIN — AFV targets unearthed. TETRARCH AND ALECTO — Vickers-Armstrongs' eight-wheeled track-layers. POST-WAR VICKERS TRACTORS — From Shervick to Vigor. ODDBALL EXPRESSES — The Wehrmacht's long-distance supply lines in WWII. DISCOVERIES. COLLECTIONS. BEFORE AND AFTER. BOOK REVIEWS.


Issue 16

Issue 16:

READERS' FORUM. RALLIES. IDENTIFILE. THE SIMPLEX SERVI-CYCLE — An unusual motorbicycle from New Orleans. AUSTIN 15-CWT TRUCKS — A review of some prototype and limited-production models from Longbridge. THE E & L TRANSPORT FLEET. VINTAGE TRACKS III — British tank on third Continental journey in 67 years, by David Fletcher. SEEN - READ - HEARD. DISCOVERIES. COLLECTIONS. HEMISPHERICAL WHEELS — Aghnides 'Roller' and 'Rhino'. BEFORE AND AFTER. BOOK REVIEWS.


Issue 17

Issue 17:

READERS' FORUM. RALLIES. IDENTIFILE. GENERAL MOTORS CONTINENTAL — A survey of GM's Belgian operations and military trucks, Part I: 1924-1944. DISCOVERIES. WOODEN BODIES — When and why the US Army subsituted wood for steel. CRANES AND TIGERS — The Cranes 70-ton trailier and its part in the retrieval of enemy tanks. SEEN - READ - HEARD. COLLECTIONS. PATTON MUSEUM COMPLETED — Dean and Nancy Kleffman review the latest developments at Fort Knox. BAEE '86. BOOK REVIEWS. BEFORE AND AFTER.


Issue 18

Issue 18:

READERS' FORUM. RALLIES. IDENTIFILE. DUTCH TRUCKERS' DAY 1986. DISCOVERIES. T13: SELF-PROPELLED 47-MM GUN— A pre-war Belgian AFV, retrieved and running again, described by Georges Mazy. SEEN - READ - HEARD. MVs IN SERVICE. DECEPTION ON WHEELS — 'Sonics'; sound-track armour and suchlike. Colin Dennison reminisces. DECOYS AND DUMMIES. GENERAL MOTORS CONTINENTAL — Part 2: Reconstruction and post-war production. COLLECTIONS. BOOK REVIEWS. BEFORE AND AFTER.


Issue 19

Issue 19:

READERS' FORUM. RALLIES. MINI AND THE MOKE — A survey of BMC/Leyland's military and civilian Buckboards. DISCOVERIES. FORD OF BELGIUM — Part 1: The early years, from Model T to World War II. IDENTIFILE. HUNGARIAN ARMOUR — Toldi: a brave little warrior. By Giuseppe Finizio. THE STUART HYBRID — An unusual M3 variant, investigated by Jeffrey Plowman. SEEN - READ - HEARD. COLLECTIONS. BOOK REVIEWS. BEFORE AND AFTER.


Issue 20

Issue 20:

READERS' FORUM. RALLIES. SEEN - READ - HEARD. MVs IN SERVICE. THE DODGE 6×6 — Profile of Chrysler Corporation's T223-WC62 and WC63. MARMON-HERRINGTON FF6 — A French design to supplant the Dodge 1½-ton 6×6. CHAPLAINS ON WHEELS — Mobile churches and other examples of ecclesiastical vehicles in war. THE CHURCHILL FLAIL — David Fletcher describes the FV3902 or 'Toad'. COLLECTIONS. BEFORE AND AFTER. BOOK REVIEWS.


Issue 21

Issue 21:

READERS' FORUM. RALLIES. SEEN - READ - HEARD. CHINESE FIGHTING VEHICLES. SCHWERE WEHRMACHTSCHLEPPER — Profile of the Büssing-NAG and Tatra heavy military tractors. THE SINAI AFV GRAVEYARDS — Wrecks of the Egyptian-Israeli. battlefields and surplus galore, by Vasco Barbic. A DODGE CARRYALL — The unusual story of a WC26 in South Africa, narrated by Roger Gaisford. FORD OF BELGIUM — Part 2: The post-war years. DISCOVERIES. IDENTIFILE. COLLECTIONS. BEFORE AND AFTER. BOOK REVIEWS.


Issue 22

Issue 22:

READERS' FORUM. MV EVENTS. THE BUDGE COLLECTION — A visit to one of the world's largest private MV arsenals. THE UNICAR CONCEPT — A little-known German multi-purpose vehicle. DISCOVERIES. SEEN - READ - HEARD. REFORGER 87. SATORY XI. AIRBORNE GMC 6×6 TRUCKS — The story of split-frame and other airportable GMCs. THE PALESTINE EMERGENCY, 1936 — David Fletcher describes the use of armour and MT in the Middle East in the 1930s. COLLECTIONS. IDENTIFILE. BOOK REVIEWS. BEFORE AND AFTER.


Issue 23

Issue 23:

READERS' FORUM. MV EVENTS. SEEN - READ - HEARD. MVs IN SERVICE: SWITZZERLAND. MAUS LIVES! — Porsche 205, alias Maus, investigated by David Fletcher. THE LEYLAND MARTIAN — Profile of the British Army's FV1100-series 10-ton 6×6 range. WHERE THERE'S A WILL — A fleeting glimpse of transport in the Great War by Ken Gibbs. IDENTIFILE. DISCOVERIES. COLLECTIONS. BOOK REVIEWS. BEFORE AND AFTER.


Issue 24

Issue 24:

READERS' FORUM. MV EVENTS. SEEN - READ - HEARD. CANADIAN DIAMONDS — Profile of the Diamond T Model 975(A), built exclusively for Canada. ROEBLING'S ALLIGATORS — The Ancestors of WWII's LVTs. LVT ID PARADE. WWII PRODUCTION OF LVT's — FMC's involvement in the manufacture of tracked landing vehicles, by Albert H. Campbell. CAMP PENDLETON AND THE LVT MUSEUM — Michael Green takes us to the world's foremost amphibious training base. COLLECTIONS. DISCOVERIES. IDENTIFILE. BOOK REVIEWS. BEFORE AND AFTER. SOME EARLY AMPHIBS.


Issue 25

Issue 25:

READERS' FORUM. MV EVENTS. SEEN - READ - HEARD. KNOX TRACTORS — The remarkable tractive units designed by Charles Martin. CANADIAN PROTOTYPES — A review of experimental vehicles designed during 1935-41. THE MORRIS 'TILLY' — Profile of one of Britain's wartime 10HP Light Utility Cars. A7V, FIRST OF THE PANZERS — An appraisal of Germany's first tanks by David Fletcher. ÜBERLANDWAGEN — Germany's A7V Overland Carriages or 'Landboats' of WWI. BAEE 88. COLLECTIONS. IDENTIFILE. BOOK REVIEWS. BEFORE AND AFTER. MONTY'S GRANT 'MONTY'.