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Issues 76-100

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Issue 76

ISSUE No. 76 (Code A076)

THE FRENCH NAVY AT TOULON - Jean Paul Pallud tells the story of the French Navy, from the British attack at Mers-el-Kebir in July 1940, to the scuttling of the fleet at Toulon in November 1942. The Pacific - Palau 50 Years On - David Green visits the Palau Islands in the Pacific. It Happened Here - Greifswalder Oie: Sub-base of Peenemünde - Dr Peter Schenk visits the tiny island in the Baltic. A Veteran Remembers - A Prisoner in Scotland - Horst Rossberg was captured in France in August 1944 and shipped to England to POW camps in Scotland. He revisits the locations again in 1990 (includes a complete list of POW camps in the UK as at February 1947).

Issue 77

ISSUE No. 77 (Code A077)

THE INVASION OF SICILY. - Karel Margry tells the story of the Allied landings in Sicily in July 1943 and its capture the following month. It Happened Here - Night of the Grand Council - The Fall of Mussolini - Jeff Vincent takes a look inside the Palazzo Venezia - Mussolini's administrative HQ in Rome - and the events of the meeting on July 24, 1943. Veterans Remember - The Death of Hitler - the story continues - A continuation of the account in issue 61 showing where SMERSH buried the bodies of Hitler and Goebbels in Magdeburg.

Issue 78

ISSUE No. 78 (Code A078)

PELELIU - One of the worst of all the American Pacific island invasions described and photographed by David Green. Preservation - 28cm Railway Gun at Calais - Terry Gander describes the preservation of a K5 and its installation at the Batterie Todt Museum near Calais.

Issue 79

ISSUE No. 79 (Code A079)

THE BIELEFELD VIADUCT - The attacks on this vital railway bridge by Karel Margry. United Kingdom - UK Poison Gas manufacture - Major T. I. J. Toler gives a detailed account of the production and distribution of Mustard Gas in Britain during the Second World War and its subsequent disposal. It Happened Here - Mustard Disaster at Bari - Karel Margry visits the Italian Harbour subjected to one of the most successful German attacks on Allied shipping during the war. Poland - Incident at Mosty - Jan Heitmann explores a little-known event which took place on August 25, 1939 near the Czechoslovakian/Polish border.

Issue 80

ISSUE No. 80 (Code A080)

THE DEATH OF ROMMEL - Karel Margry follows the events which led to the famed German Field-Marshal committing suicide in September 1944. From the Editor - readers' letters and follow-up stories on previous issues. War Film - Stalingrad - The making of the controversial Russian movie in 1991-2. Wreck Recovery - Typhoon crash at Boulon, Normandy - Denis Sweeting covers the recovery and burial of Pilot Officer Don Mason.

Issue 81

ISSUE No. 81 (Code A081)

TRAGINO - Karel Margry describes Britains first Paratroop Raid on an Italian aqueduct in February 1941. Preservation - Western Approaches Headquarters -The preservation of this wartime headquarters in Exchange Buildings, Liverpool. United Kingdom - Spigot Mortar at St Albans - Fred Nash discovers a relic of Britains invasion defences. United Kingdom (2) - First Base Post Office Martin and Fran Collins visit the site of APO 640 in Sutton Coldfield. Wreck Recovery - Missing, Presumed Killed - Dilip Sarkar's investigation into the death of Sergeant Eldon Caldwell from the Spitfire Operational Training Unit at Aston Down in January 1943. It Happened Here - Sugamo Prison, Tokyo - John Ginn visits the prison used by the American military for the incarceration and execution of the main Japanese war criminals.

Issue 82

ISSUE No. 82 (Code A082)

IWO JIMA - 'See No Iwo', Iwo Jima Today - Former US Marine, Don Marshall, gives a graphic description of the fighting on the Japanese held island in which he participated in February 1945. It Happened Here - Reflying the Dams Raid - Mike McCormac re-flys the operation for an internationl flying competition.

Issue 83

ISSUE No. 83 (Code A083)

AUSTRALIA'S UNKNOWN SOLDIER - Ross J. Bastiaan covers the exhumation from France and reburial in Canberra in November 1993. It Happened Here - The Massacre at Kalavryta - John Cleave visits the Greek village destroyed in December 1943. Readers' Investigations - The Tragedy of HMS Dasher - The sinking of the American built Escort Carrier off the coast of Scotland in March 1943 as told by John G. Hall. Wreck Recovery - U-534 - The mystery boat. - Jan Heitmann describes the career of the U-534 from commissioning in December 1942 to its sinking in May 1945 through to its subsequent raising in August 1993. France - Panzer attack in Lorraine - Jean Paul Pallud visits the scenes of the battle in September 1944. Preservation - Panther at Parroy - The recovery of a Panther Ausf. G from the bottom of a French lake.

Issue 84

ISSUE No. 84 (Code A084)

SUPREME HEADQUARTERS FOR D-DAY - Norfolk House, Grosvenor Square, SHAEF Main HQ 'Widewing', Telegraph Cottage, SHAEF HQ train Bayonet, SHAEF Advanced CP 'Sharpener', SHAEF Forward HQ 'Shipmate', SHAEF Advanced CP 'Shellburst', SHAEF Forward HQ, Jullouville, SHAEF Main HQ, Versailles, SHAEF Advanced CP, Gueux, SHAEF Forward HQ, Reims, SHAEF Post-war HQ, Frankfurt. It Happened Here - Shingle Street - James Hayward examines the truth behind an incident on the Suffolk coast.

Issue 85

ISSUE No. 85 (Code A085)

FROM THE EDITOR. Crime in WWII - Normandy Executions - Capital Punishment carried out on the field of battle. Commemoration - The Australian Military Plaques Project - Dr Ross J. Bastiaan describes his work in commemorating notable Australian battles around the world. Wreck Recovery - The Search for Blue Peter - Ralph J. Davidson tells the story of the Spitfire presented to the nation by the people of Newmarket which came to grief on a Scottish mountain in May 1942. Preservation - Historic preservation in the Marshall Islands - Dirk H. R. Spennemann presents a resume of the work being carried out. 50 Years Ago - The Battle for Merksem - Achiel Rely traces this key battle to secure Antwerp Docks in September 1944.

Issue 86

ISSUE No. 86 (Code A086)

OPERATION 'WELLHIT' - Ian Galbraith describes the capture of Boulogne in September 1944. Preservation - Eighth Wall Art Conservation Society - The achievements of a group of volunteers to preserve the works of wartime artists. 50 Years Ago - The Market Garden Corridor Tour - Karel Margry follows the route of the 50th anniversary commemorative tour along 'Hell's Highway'. War Film - Carve Her Name with Pride - The story of Violette Szabo, an agent for the Special Operations Executive as told by Trevor Popple.

Issue 87

ISSUE No. 87 (Code A087)

THE GREAT ESCAPE. - Jan Heitmann visits Stalag Luft 3 at Sagan from where 76 prisoners escaped in March 1944, of whom 50 were later executed. War Film - The Wooden Horse/The Great Escape - Trevor Popple describes the making of the movies. It Happened Here - The Great Escape Plus 50 - Jan Bartelski joins the tour to revisit Sagan in March 1994. United Kingdom - The High Wycombe Air HQ - 'Southdown', Strike Command, Wycombe Abbey, 'Pinetree', The Exodus, Exodus Plus, High Wycombe Air Station. 50 Years Ago - The Death of Admiral Ramsay - W. J. R. Gardner explains the circumstances of the death of the Allied Naval Commander Expeditionary Force in January 1945.

Issue 88

ISSUE No. 88 (Code A088)

EAST-WEST LINK-UP - The US-Soviet Link-up at Torgau and the British-Soviet Link-up at Wismar told and illustrated by Karel Margry.

Issue 89

ISSUE No. 89 (Code A089)

BERGEN-BELSEN - Karel Margry describes in detail the establishment and workings of the notorious concentration camp in northern Germany, including its liberation by British forces in April 1945 and the subsequent trial and execution of the SS guards. Wreck Recovery - The Return of the Lady Be Good - In issue 25 we described the last flight of this B-24 Liberator; now Dr Fadel Ali Mohamed tells of the recovery of the wreckage from the Libyan desert. It Happened Here - A Charioteer is No Longer Missing - The story of Major Tom Hall's investigation leading to the discovery of the remains of Sub-Lieutenant Gregor Riggs and Sergeant Colin Cameron. Preservation - Manod Quarry and the National Gallery Paintings - Reg Chambers Jones visits the Welsh quarry where Britains art treasures were stored for safe-keeping during the Second World War. Pacific - The Invasion of Saipan - D. Colt Denfeld visits the Marianas and Saipan, liberated in June 1944. Personality - Lee Marvin: Hell in the Pacific - Michael Munn's biography of the tough American actor who fought on Saipan.

Issue 90

ISSUE No. 90 (Code A090)

THE BATTLE FOR LEROS - Dr Peter Schenk describes and illustrates the battle for this Greek island. Preservation - The First Allied Shots - David Green explains the unusual role Fort Nepean played in both World Wars. It Happened Here - Slaughter in Cefalonia - Sergio Andreanelli describes the horrific massacre of 4,500 officers and men of the Italian Army. United Kingdom - Sennybridge Training Area - The mid-Wales Second World War training area visited by Mark Khan. Crime in WWII - Military Executions - Professor J. Robert Lilly examines the circumstances surrounding the execution of Private David Cobb at Shepton Mallet in 1943.

Issue 91

ISSUE No. 91 (Code A091)

THE HAMMELBURG RAID - Karel Margry describes the raid and follows the route taken by the task force of the US 4th Armored Division led by Captain Abraham J. Baum to fight its way through 50 miles of enemy-held territory to reach the Allied officers' POW camp where General George S. Patton's son-in-law was being held. The Eastern Front - Smolensk - Karel Margry visits the City on the upper Dnieper river, 200 miles from Moscow. Crime in WWII - Mutiny in the Cocos Islands - The story of three members of the Ceylon Defence Force who were the only members of the British Armed Forces to be executed for mutiny during the Second World War.

Issue 92

ISSUE No. 92 (Code A092)

THE MASSACRE AT KATYN - One of the worst atrocities of the Second World War was the killing of thousands of Polish officers in the Autumn of 1941. Karel Margry describes the controversy which lasted for 50 years until the USSR admitted in 1990 that it had been responisble. From the Editor - readers' letters and follow-up stories on previous issues

Issue 93

ISSUE No. 93 (Code A093)

THE MERKERS AND BUCHENWALD TREASURE TROVES - Carolsue Holland and Thomas Rothbart tell the story of the discovery by the US Third Army of $250 million of assets hidden by the Nazis in the German state of Thuringia. Readers' Investigations - Australian Beaufort Crash - David Green tells the story of the last flight of Beaufort A9-228 which crashed in the state of Victoria in Australia in June 1945. United Kingdom - The Royal Gunpowder Factory Explosions 1940 - Bryn Elliott investigates the three explosions at the gunpowder factory at Waltham Abbey in west Essex. It Happened Here - The 99th Division 'Missing in Action' Search Team - William C. C. Cavanagh visits the Losheimergraben battlefield where the remains of several soldiers have been discovered.

Issue 94

ISSUE No. 94 (Code A094)

THE DOSTLER CASE - General Anton Dostler was the first German general officer tried for war crimes; the first German general to be executed after the Second World War, and the first ever by an American firing squad, as told by Karel Margry. Pacific - Nauru - David Green pictures the military remains on this remote Pacific island. Readers' Investigation - The Second World War's Best Kept Secret Revealed - The successful conclusion of Roger Morgan's 14-year search to establish the identity of 'The Man Who Never Was'. Wreck Recovery - Belgian Spitfire Pilot Honoured - Michael Davis describes the last flight of Pilot Officer Jean Noizet on August 2, 1943. It Happened Here The Desert Rats at Ghent - Jean-Paul Marchal covers the battle by the 7th Armoured Divison during their advance through Belgium. United Kingdom - Mystery Crash in London's East End - Investigation into the crash of a Messerschmitt Bf 109 on 'Black Saturday' - September 7, 1940.

Issue 95

ISSUE No. 95 (Code A095)

SALERNO - Lieutenant General Mark W. Clark, the Commanding General, US Fifth Army, led the force which invaded southern Italy on September 1943. We use his own account to tell the story of the battle which is illustrated by comparison photographs taken by Karel Margry. Preservation - The Trondenes Battery at Harstad. Major T. G. W. Potts visits one of the most impressive legacies of the German occupation of Norway. Preservation (2) The Gneisenau Fires Again - Dr Peter Schenk visits Stevensfort in Denmark to find a pair of gun turrets from the Gneisenau still fully operational.

Issue 96

ISSUE No. 96 (Code A096)

THE DEATH OF ORDE WINGATE - Dennis Hawley describes the end of one of Britain's outstanding 'irregular' soldiers as the result of an air crash while flying in an American B-25 over north-east India. Readers' Investigations - The Quebec Conferences - Roger Burrows visits Canada and the site of its Quebec Conferences in August 1943 and September 1944. United Kingdom - Memorial to the London Blitz - The campaign by Marianne Fredericks and Meryl Thomas of Civilians Remembered for a memorial in the East End at Wapping. Pacific - The Guns of Viti Levu - David Green visits and photographs the artillery remaining in situ on this Fijian island. United States - Medals of Honor Awarded - 50 Years After - President Bill Clinton decorates seven black soldiers in January 1997 for deeds carried out during the Second World War. Wreck Investigation - Arnhem VC Investigation - Karel Margry tells the story of Flight Lieutenant David Lord and how he won his posthumous Victoria Cross at Arnhem.

Issue 97

ISSUE No. 97 (Code A097)

THE BATTLE OF THE ALPS - Jean Paul Pallud tells the story of the highest battle fought in Europe during the Second World War. It Happened Here - Dambusters' Bombs Recovery - The Royal Engineers recover Dr Barnes Wallis's bouncing bombs dropped in practice on the north Kent coast. Preservation - Wizernes open to the public - The V2 bunker which we last saw in issue No. 6 is now opened as a museum. United Kingdom - HMS Collingwood - Paul Mayo describes the history of the Naval Training Establishment responisble for Weapon Engineering and Warfare at Fareham in Hampshire. Wreck Recovery - The Spitfire at Maldegem - Frank Raeman investigates the mystery of a Spitfire lost in eastern Flanders, Belgium.

Issue 98

ISSUE No. 98 (Code A098)

THE BATTLE FOR NEW GEORGIA - Professor Ronnie Day of the East Tennessee State University describes the battle for this island in the Solomons in 1943. Wreck Recovery - The Forgotten Crash - Brenda Price describes the dedicated effort to have a memorial installed at the crash site of Air Marshal Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory whose death was described in After the Battle No. 39. North Africa - Siwa Oasis in the Western Desert - David List joins an expedition across the western desert to this oasis formerly occupied by an Italo-German force in July 1942. It Happened Here - The capture of Kurt Meyer - Jean Paul Pallud investigates the capture of the commander of 12. SS-Panzer-Division at Spontin.

Issue 99

ISSUE No. 99 (Code A099)

SOVIET VICTORY IN THE ARCTIC - Major James F. Gebhardt tells the story of the Soviet offensive on the Karelian Front in October 1944. Wreck Discovery - Dropping Russian Abwehr agents over Kola - Investigation into German crashes in Lapland. Preservation - German War Graves in the East - Karel Margry describes the work of the German War Graves Association in recovering German war dead from the Eastern Front. Wreck Recovery - Secret of the Southend Sands - Recovery of a P-51 of the 479th Fighter Group which went missing on December 12, 1944. Readers' Investigation - The Battle of the Bulge Through the Lens - Philip M. Vorwald introduces and describes his work behind the publication of his new book. It Happened Here - The IJzendijke Explosion - Karel Margry investigates one of the largest accidental explosions of the whole North-West European campaign.

Issue 100

ISSUE No.100 (Code A100)

SPECIAL 100th EDITION. Our 100th edition of 72 pages covers the Editor's 'stories behind the stories' as well as readers' follow ups to the last 100 issues. NOT TO BE MISSED.