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Issues 51-75

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Issue 51

ISSUE No. 51 (Code A051)

LIBYA - The story of the RAF's Desert Rescue Team based at El Adem and their recoveries from the desert by Squadron Leader Zeke Zaleny Tobruk Revisited - Vasko Barbic revisits the north African battlefield. Wreck Recovery - Normandy Typhoon - The discovery of a Typhoon of No. 198 Squadron which crashed in August 1944 and burial of its pilot, Flight Sergeant Reg Thursby in November 1985. Crime in WWII - The Notorious Fort Breendonk - Achiel Rely tells the story of the infamous fortress prison at Antwerp. Preservation - Relics of the Range - Investigation of Second World War tank targets on Salisbury Plain. Readers' Investigations - Wimpey Investigation - David J. Smith investigates the crash site of Wellington BK347 which went down on April 24, 1944. It Happened Here - The Road Ends at Denée - Jean Paul Pallud researches the battle by French armoured forces in May 1940.

Issue 52


ISSUE No. 52 (Code A052)

ANZIO - Colonel J. H. Green describes the landing in January 1944 on the Italian coast. His story covers the Beach-head Area, The Landings, The Allied Offensive, The German Attack, Operation 'Fischfang' - the major German offensive, The Crisis, VI Corps holds the beach-head, Stalemate, The Break-out, 1976-1986. War Film - The Battle for Anzio - Film recreation shot in 1967 described by William B. Travis (AKA Trevor Popple). It Happened Here - Massacre in Rome - March 1944 - a bomb explosion aimed at killing German troops marching in the Via Rasella results in the massacre of 335 hostages in the Ardeatine caves.

Issue 53

ISSUE No. 53 (Code A053)

VICTORY PARADE IN LONDON - Dennis Bateman describes in detail the victory parade held on June 8, 1946. It Happened Here - George Merganthaler - The last battle by the grandson of Ottmar Merganthaler (inventor of the Linotype typecasting machine) in Luxembourg in December 1944. Readers' Investigations - The Night that shook Sydney - John A. Williams recounts the events of May 31, 1942, when Sydney Harbour was attacked by the Japanese. Preservation - Alight Lough Erne - The story of the flying boat base in Northern Ireland as told by Ian Henderson. War Film - Tora! Tora! Tora! - Recreation of the attack on Pearl Harbor as depicted in the 20th Century Fox 1970 production. Wreck Recovery - The Loch Ness Wellington - Recovery of N2980 from a Scottish Loch, now on display at the Brooklands Museum at Weybridge described by Stephen Flower. Crime in WWII - A Costly Liberation - Retribution in the small French town of Chalautre-la-Petite in August 1944 investigated by Jean Paul Pallud.


Issue 54

ISSUE No. 54 (Code A054)

OPERATION 'MINCEMEAT' - Roger Morgan tells the story of Major Martin, 'the man who never was'. Wreck Discovery - Unknown Maloelap - The battle for and relics remaining on Taroa Island in the Pacific Marshalls. William H. Bartsch tells the story and photographs what is left. It Happened Here - The Aarhus Attack - Bent Pedersen researches the low level Mosquito raid on the Gestapo Headquarters in the University of Aarhus on the Jutland peninsula near Copenhagen. Crime in WWII - Show Trial at Luchy - Jean Paul Pallud investigates a German field court-marshal in May 1940.

Issue 55


ISSUE No. 55 (Code A055)

U-BOAT BASES IN FRANCE Jean Paul Pallud visits the Atlantic Coast U-Boat bases and tells the story of the construction of the pens at Lorient, Dombunkers and Scorffbunker, Keroman I and II, Keroman III, La Pallice, Saint-Nazaire, Bordeaux, Brest and the RAF attacks on the port. It Happened Here - Dungeness Spitfire - This casualty of a dog-fight in April 1941 between No. 601 Squadron and JG51 and JG53 is described by Andy Saunders.

Issue 56

ISSUE No. 56 (Code A056)

THE AMBUSHING OF SS-GENERAL HANNS RAUTER The Assassination of the SS Police Chief in the Netherlands in March 1945 described by Karel Margry. It Happened Here - The Italian Air Raid on Bahrain - The 3,000-miles attack by the Regia Aeronautica in October 1940 is told by Kevin Patience. The Eastern Front - The battlefields outside Warsaw - Unbelievable discoveries on the Choszczowka battlefield in Poland as described and photographed by Boguslaw Perzyk. Wreck Recovery - An Epic Excavation, Pilot Officer Charles Barber - Andy Saunders describes the recovery of a missing Spitfire pilot who crashed near Winchelsea, Sussex in April 1942. Readers' Investigations - Malta Marine Craft and Sea Rescue - The RAF Marine Section at Kalafrana by Bill Jackson.

Issue 57

ISSUE No. 57 (Code A057)

THE RÜSSELSHEIM DEATH MARCH - The killing of six American airmen of the 491st Bomb Group based at North Pickenham by German civilians in August 1944. Wreck Investigation - Beneath the Waters of Truk - Klaus Lindemann dives on Japanese wrecks around this Pacific island. Readers' Investigations - The Mass Escape from Cowra - John A. Williams describes the largest ever escape of Axis prisoners of war in New South Wales, Australia in August 1944. It Happened Here - Antwerp 'City of Sudden Death' - An account of the V2-Weapon attacks on this Belgian City by Achiel Rely. Preservation - An Engineer Returns . . . and a Museum is born - Ex-Organisation Todt Chief Engineer, Werner Flos, visits the V2 construction at Wizernes and meets his contemporary Professor, R. V. Jones.

Issue 58

ISSUE No. 58 (Code A058)

RUDOLF HESS - Denis C. Bateman details the history of Rudolf Hess as Party Leader and the formulation of his idea for his flight to Britain. Chapters include Peparation for a Flight, The Flight, The Wreckage, Hess Lands, Capture, In Army Custody, Maryhill Barracks, Hamilton and Hess, Hamilton and Churchill, Reaction in Europe and the USA, Mytchett Place, Maindiff Court, The Return to Germany, Nuremberg, Spandau, Prison Life, The Wrong Man?, Death, How did he die?, The Funeral, The Burial, Epilogue. War Film - Theirs is the Glory - The making of the classic Rank film made in 1946 on the actual battlefield in Arnhem by William B. Travis. From the Editor - readers' letters and follow-up stories on previous issues. 50 Years Ago - Adolf Hitler in Munich and the events of 1936/37.

Issue 59

ISSUE No. 59 (Code A059)

THE RAID ON SAINT-NAZAIRE - 'The Greatest Raid of All' against the Normandie Dock using the explosive-laden HMS Campbeltown on March 28, 1942. Preservation - Saint Nazaire Ecomuseum - The unique submarine museum inside the bomb-proof lock at the French Atlantic port. Crime in WWII - The US Prison at Shepton Mallet - America's military prison in the UK in which it carried out the execution of its servicemen guilty of Capital crimes. 50 Years Ago - Anschluss in Austria - The events of April 9, 1938.

Issue 60

ISSUE No. 60 (Code A060)

THE MAGINOT LINE - Jean Paul Pallud tells the detailed story of and visits the remains from the pre-war French fortifications constructed by Monsieur André Maginot. Chapters include A Failure?, Fortifications, Maginot at War, La Ferté, Fermont, Immerhof, Zeiterholz, Hackenberg, Bambesch, Simserhof, Schoenenbourg, Esch Casemate, Marckolsheim South Casemate, The Marckolsheim Memorial. It Happened Here - The Fate of a Whitley - The end of T4145 GE-'P for Peter' of No. 58 Squadron on April 7, 1941 in the Netherlands as told by J. C. Maarschalkerweerd. 50 Years Ago - Hitler Visits Italy - The Führer's visit to Italy in April 1938. Wreck Recovery - The Exhumation of a Humber - Wartime relic recovered from a farm in Lancashire. Readers' Investigations - Return to the Berghof - Judge Jim R. Osborne investigates the subterranean remains at Hitler's mountain retreat.

Issue 61

ISSUE No. 61 (Code A061)

THE REICHS CHANCELLERY - A detailed examination of the rise and fall of Hitler's grandiose administrative building, designed by Albert Speer, constructed in record time in 1938. THE BERLIN FÜHRERBUNKER: THE THIRTEENTH HOLE - Andrew Mollo describes the last days of Hitler's inner circle in 1945, and continues the story right up to the uncovering of the underground bunker in 1988.

Issue 62

ISSUE No. 62 (Code A062)

THE ALEUTIANS D. Colt Denfeld describes the Japanese Raid on Dutch Harbour in the Alaskan island chain in June 1942 , The Aleutians Today, Attu Forty Years After. It Happened Here - Known to God, Unknown to Man - Detective Constable Andrew Greenslade describes the discovery of the remains of an unknown airman from a peat bog in Yorkshire in 1987. 50 Years Ago - The Munich Crisis - A blow-by-blow account by Karel Margry of the negotiations between Britain, France, Italy and Germany which led to the annexation of Czechoslovakia. Preservation - Time Warp in Tubney Wood - Kitchener Bergin reveals a unique wartime site in an Oxfordshire forest. Special Investigation - Back to the Bunker - After the Battle visits the Führerbunker in East Berlin during work to demolish its roof.

Issue 63

ISSUE No. 63 (Code A063)

COLDITZ CASTLE AND ITS ESCAPES - The story of Oflag IVC from it conversion as an escape-proof prison with details of all the escapes which actually took place. JOHN GILLESPIE MAGEE - The pilot poet of High Flight - A biographical account by Andy Saunders of the pilot poet immortalised by his poem 'High Flight'.

Issue 65

ISSUE No. 64 (Code A064)

THE BATTLE OF DEN BOSCH - Karel Margry describes Operation 'Alan': the operation in October 1944 to capture this Dutch town. It Happened Here - The Bombay Explosion - Kevin Patience describes the explosion of the Liberty Ship Fort Stikine on April 14, 1944. Readers' Investigations - Major Martin . . . the story continues - Further revelations in the efforts to name 'The Man who Never Was'. United Kingdom - GI Baby - Edna Joan Virginia and her search to find her American father. 50 Years Ago - Hitler's 50th Birthday Parade - The massive parade held in Berlin in 1939.

Issue 65

ISSUE No. 65 (Code A065)

WESTERPLATTE - Wiktor Kurowski describes the opening shots of the Second World War in Poland: The Free City of Danzig, Westerplatte, The Military Transit Depot, Preparations for Defence, Preparing for Aggression, The Last Hours of Peace, The First Day of War, The Second Day, The Third Day, The Fourth Day, The Fifth Day, The Sixth Day, The Seventh Day, Hitler Visits Danzig, Westerplatte Today.

Issue 66

ISSUE No. 66 (Code A066)

MUNICH - DER NEUNTE ELFTE - The anniversary march held by Hitler and the Old Guard to mark the Munich Putsch of November 9, 1923. 50 Years Ago - First shots in the West - Jean Paul Pallud pinpoints where the first shots of the Second World War were fired on the Western Front. Wreck Recovery - Malta Update - Anthony Rogers investigates the wartime wrecks around Malta. From the Editor - readers' letters and follow-up stories on previous issues.

Issue 67

ISSUE No. 67 (Code A067)

THE SHETLAND ISLES - Ron Hogg covers early Shetland, The First World War, The Second World War, Sullom Voe, Wartime Recollections, Scatsta, Sumburgh, The Shetland Bus. Readers' Investigation - The Strongest, Bravest and Best - David King and Peter White describe the crash of Lancaster RF150 on its return from Germany when it attempted an emergency landing at Booker airfield in April 1945. United Kingdom - Island Farm Camp - Jeff Vincent investigates the prisoner of war camp near Bridgend, in South Wales, which saw the biggest escape of German prisoner's during the Second World War. It Happened Here - Devastation at Darwin - The Japanese attack on February 19, 1942 by Dr Stephen Dyer. Wreck Discovery - Find the Bismark! - Dr Robert Ballard's search for the German battleship sunk in the North Atlantic in May 1941.

Issue 68

ISSUE No. 68 (Code A068)

BLITZKRIEG IN THE WEST - Jean Paul Pallud introduces the German campaign in May and June 1940 as a prelude to the publication of his book, Blitzkrieg in the West Then and Now. Wreck Recovery - Wreck Recovery Wartime Style - An unusual recovery of Whitley T4321 from the uninhabited island of Rona off the north coast of Scotland in May 1941 told by Colin A. Pomeroy. Preservation - The Merville Battery - 45 years later - Lieutenant-Colonel M-J. P. Chilcott describes the establishment of the War Museum in No. 1 Casemate of the battery which enfiladed the western flank of the Allied landings on D-Day. It Happened Here - The Night the Rhine Caught Fire - The crash of a Halifax from No. 408 (Canadian) Squadron in Holland in June 1943 by Joop van Vliet. A Veteran Returns - Return to Morotai - George Battley visits the Indonesian island where he was stationed in 1945. United Kingdom - Royal Air Force Bomb Disposal - The role of the RAF in World War 2 and beyond. Readers' Investigations - El Alamein '89 - David Green visits the War Museum at El Alamein

Issue 69

ISSUE No. 69 (Code A069)

OPERATION 'SEALION' - THE INVASION THAT NEVER WAS - Dr Peter Schenk tells the story of the planning and preparations for the invasion of Britain. Veterans Return - Typhoon Memorial at Noyers-Bocage - The memorial unveiled in June 1990 to the 150 Typhoon pilots lost from the 20 Squadron's in the battle for Normandy described by one of the pilots, Denis Sweeting. It Happened Here - Cricket the American Way - The wartime use of Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia described by David Green. Preservation - Return to Mementos of the Mighty - Larry S. Tabor's collection of military memorabilia from notable wartime servicemen. War Film - The Remaking of Memphis Belle - Roger Freeman ferrets out the remaking of the classic wartime film featuring the Eighth Air Force in Britain.

Issue 70

ISSUE No. 70 (Code A070)

'GOMORRAH' - THE HAMBURG FIRESTORM - Jan Heitmann details the raids on Hamburg leading to the devastating firestorm on Wednesday, July 28, 1943. It Happened Here - Unification Day, Berlin 1990 - After the Battle was there!. 50 Years Ago - Luftwaffe Hospital, Woolwich - The story of the Royal Herbert Hospital used for injured personnel from the German airforce as told by Andy Saunders. United Kingdom - The Combined Services Interrogation Centre - The centres for interrogating Axis prisoners of war at Trent Park at Cockfosters and Wilton Park and Latimer in Buckinghamshire by Jeff Vincent.

Issue 71

ISSUE No. 71 (Code A071)

THE BATTLE OF THE HÜRTGEN FOREST - Karel Margry details the bitter fighting in the forest on the Belgian-German border. 50 Years Ago - The Liberation of Addis Ababa - Stephen Bell tells the story of the surrender of the Etheopian capital in April 1941. It Happened Here - Carinhall Revisited - Courtney S. West investigates the site of Herman Göring's personal residence in the Schorfheide forest, northeast of Berlin.

Issue 72

ISSUE No. 72 (Code A072)

THE AALBORG ATTACK - Paul Lincoln tells the story of the abortive attack on the German-occupied Danish airfield at Aalborg in which all the Blenhiem's were shot down. It Happened Here - Scapa Flow and the U-47 - Dr Peter Schenk describes the British naval base in the Orkney islands and Kapitänleutnant Günther Prien's attack on the Royal Oak. United Kingdom - American Red Cross Field Hospital Unit - Lois Simon describes the specially built American hospital at Salisbury in Wiltshire. Readers' Investigations - The Death of Generaloberst Dietl - The death of this veteran of two World Wars in June 1944 is told by Ron Gamage. From the Editor - readers letters and follow-up stories on previous issues.

Issue 73

ISSUE No. 73 (Code A073)

CLEARING THE RHINE - The work of the Royal Engineers in clearing the German demolitions to the bridges crossing the Rhine from Coblenz to the North Sea. Readers' Investigations - With the Company Commander (Charles B. MacDonald) - Patrick Hargreaves takes American historian Charles B. MacDonald back to the battlefields in the Ardennes. Wreck Recovery - Jersey Coastal Artillery Gun Recovery - Terry O'Brien's successful recovery of a barrel from Batterie Moltke which had been dumped over the cliff at Les Landes by the Royal Engineers in 1945-46. Personality - The Soviet Union's Fighter Ace - The story of Nikitovich Kozhedub, the highest scoring Soviet fighter pilot credited with 62 victories as told by Nikolai Bodrikhin. United Kingdom - US Army Airstrips in Britain, 1942-45 - Ken Wakefield describes the construction and use of improvised airstrips by American forces.

Issue 74

ISSUE No. 74 (Code A074)

THE PEENEMÜNDE ROCKET CENTRE - Jan Heitmann's detailed investigation of the formerly top secret V1 - V2 complex on the northern coast of East Germany. Readers' Investigations - The Paratrooper and his Dog - Laurie Goldstraw tells the moving story of the para dogs and in particular the deaths of Private Emile Corteil and his dog Glen. Wreck Recovery - Recovery of a Japanese tank, Guam - D. Colt Denfeld describes the discovery and excavation of a Type 95 tank in June 1991. War Graves - Pilgrimage to Kohima - Lieutenant-Colonel Piers Storie-Pugh leads a Royal British Legion visit to Burma. War Film - Liberation - Yuri Ozerov's 24-hour-long drama documentary on Russia's Great Patriotic War described by Nikolai Bodrikhin and Trevor Popple. It Happened Here - MI5's Secret Interrogation Centre - Latchmere House - 'Camp 020' - at Ham Common, Richmond.

Issue 75

ISSUE No. 75 (Code A075)

HORST WESSEL - Tony Le Tissier describes how a member of the SA became the most revered of all Nazi martyrs. United Kingdom - Black Propaganda - Mark Kenyon describes the secret goings-on at Milton Bryan in Bedfordshire from where Britain broadcast propaganda to Germany. Readers' Investigations - Silent Heroes - Manuel F. van Eyck researches the losses of US aircraft over Czechoslovakia. It Happened Here - Mine Clearance in Guernsey - Harry Beckingham describes his work with 24 Bomb Disposal Platoon, RE, in 1946. A Veteran Remembers - Spear of Destruction - A survivor, W. J. Mills, tells the story of the V2 hit on the Rex Cinema in Antwerp on December 16, 1944 which killed 567 people including 296 Allied personnel.