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Issues 101-125

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ISSUE No.101 (Code A101)

NORDHAUSEN - The largest complex of underground factories in the world was constructed in the Kohnstein mountains. Karel Margry investigates its role in the manufacture of V1s and V2s and what now remains including the associated concentration camp 'Dora Mittelbau'. It Happened Here - The sinking of the Blücher - Major T. G. W. Potts tells the story of the German operation in Oslo Fjord on thenight of Apirl 8, 1940. United Kingdom - Royal Gunpowder Factory Sequel - Following on from issue 93, Bryn Elliott tells the story of our efforts to mark the graves of those killed in the explosions in 1940. From Your New Editor - Karel Margry introduces himself.

Issue 102

ISSUE No. 102 (Code A102)

ANNE FRANK - David Barnouw tells the story of probably the most famous victim of the Nazi genocide on the Jews. Burma 1945: The Road To Rangoon - Elliott Smock visits Burma and the historic Fort Dufferin. Wreck Discovery. - the Discovery of KN563 - The discovery of wreckage in north-western Burma of a Canadian C-47 of No. 435 (RCAF) Transport Squadron. Personality. - Lieutenant Henry Fonda, USN - The biography of the Hollywood star who served with US Air Combat Intelligence.

Issue 103

ISSUE No. 103 (Code A103)

SPEILBERG'S D-DAY - The background to the making of Saving Private Ryan including the locations in Britain and Ireland. - It Happened Here - The Battle of St Sauveur-le-Vicomte - The battle for the village captured by the US 82nd Airborne Division which bears a close similarity to the 'Ramelle' of Saving Private Ryan. Pacific: Shaggy Ridge - Phillip Bradley returns to New Guinea to walk in the footsteps of his father who fought there in 1943.

Issue 104

ISSUE No. 104 (Code A104)

THE BATTLE FOR COLOGNE - Karel Margry tells the story of the battle for this great and historic city on the Rhine . Readers Investigation - Guards VC: Blitzkrieg 1940 - Dilip Sarkar visits the scene of the battle on May 21, 1940 by the Grenadier Guards for which Lance Corporal Harry Nicholls was awarded the Victoria Cross. It Happened Here - Sonia's Dubok - John Howland investigates the possible dead-letter drop where some of Britains greatest secrets were passed to the Soviets. Wreck Recovery - Teesside Dornier: January 1942 - Bill Norman tells the story of the Dornier 217E-4 which was discovered at South Bank, Cleveland in November 1997.

Issue 105

ISSUE No. 105 (Code A105)

THE FRENCH RESISTANCE - By Jean Paul Pallud - Petain and Vichy - De Gaulle - Resistance Started - The Communists join in - 1942: Development - The Occupation of the Zone Libre - The 'STO' and the Maquis - 1943: Unification - De Gaulle or Giraud? - Glières - 'And we'll come from the shadow' - Brittany - Paris - Southern France - An Assessment.

Issue 106

ISSUE No. 106 (Code A106)

DULAG LUFT - Charles Rollings tells the story of the German Aircrew Interrogation Centre at Oberursel. Wreck Recovery - Recovery of an SOE Hudson - Karel Margry describes the recovery of the wreckage of a Hudson of the Special Operations Executive from beneath the IJsselmeer inland sea in the Netherlands. War Film - Appointment in London - Trevor Popple tells the story of the making of the film which features RAF Upwood in Huntingdonshire. Pacific - Return to the Darter - D. C. Sangerhausen tells the story of the American submarine USS Darter (SS-227). It Happened Here - The Secret Village - Tony Le Tissier visits the former secret headquarters of the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany.

Issue 107

ISSUE No. 107 (Code A107)

FROM THE EDITOR - readers' letters and follow-up stories on previous issues A Veteran Remembers - The Battle of Broekhuizen - John Gaunt re-visits the scene of the battle in October/November 1944 in the small village on the west bank of the river Maas in south-eastern Holland. It Happened Here - Isaac Bridge, Normandy - Karel Margry tells the story of 'Pont Isaac' - the bridge built acros the Seulles river in June 1944 by the 183rd Field Company, Royal Engineers. Readers' Investigation - The Battle for Wetteren Bridge - Jean Paul Marchal describes the battle for the possession of a bridge across the Schelde river in Belgium in September 1944. Preservation - The German Skagerrak Batteries - Batterie Vara at Kristiansand - the only place in the world where a German 38cm gun can be seen in its original position - as told by Thole Jan Wieringa.

Issue 108

ISSUE No. 108 (Code A108)

GUADALCANAL - Karel Margry tells the story of the savage land, air and naval clashes in the six-month campaign for the possession of the island in the South Pacific which was the turning point of the war in the Pacific. Pacific - Recovery of missing Makin Raiders - On August 17, 1942, US Marines of the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion landed on the Japanese-held island of Butaritari. This is the story of the search for those who failed to return by Karel Margry. Wreck Discovery - Battle over Malta - Anthony Rogers investigates crashes on Malta during the 2½-years of aerial warfare over the island. Readers' Investigations - Natzweiler-Struthof Concentration Camp - Nigel Smith tells the story of this concentration camp located in eastern France.

Issue 109

ISSUE No. 109 (Code A109)

THE VAAGSO COMMANDO RAID - The account of the Commando raid on the islands of Vaagso and Maaloy on the coast of Norway in December 1941 as told by Hilary St George Sanders. The Canadian Unknown Soldier - The story of the initiative of the Royal Canadian Legion to have an unidentified Canadian soldier killed in the 1914-18 war exhumed from a grave in France for reburial in Ottowa. It Happened Here - Trieste - Jeffrey Plowman, Riccardo Cignini and Daniele Guglielmi investigate the capture of Trieste at the norther extremity of the Adriatic by the 2nd New Zealand Division in May 1945. Pacific - Bora Bora - Raymond E. Charlton visits this small island in French Polenesia which became an important supply base between the US and Australia.

Issue 110

ISSUE No. 110 (Code A110)

THE RIVIERA LANDINGS - Operation 'Dragoon' - D-Day in the south of France in August 1944 is described in detail by Jean Paul Pallud, including the drive to the north. Audie Murphy's Distinguished Service Cross - Audie's close friend, David 'Spec' McClure, describes the action at Ramatuelle in August 1944 which led to the most decorated American soldier being awarded the DSC.

Issue 111

ISSUE No. 111 (Code A111)

THE GARDELEGEN MASSACRE - Karel Margry describes one of the most horrendous of all Nazi atrocities which took place in this small German town in April 1945 which led to the death of over 1000 prisoners. Germany - Destroying the Hamburg U-Boat Pens - Dr Jan Heitmann describes the attempts to destroy the various U-Boat pens in Hamburg at the end of the war. Malta - The Tragedy of the Marie Georgette - Alex Randon tells the story of this brave little motor schooner. United Kingdom - Firemen Remembered - Stephanie Maltman brings a spotlight to memorialise fire crews who lost their lives in London during The Blitz.

Issue 112

ISSUE No. 112 (Code A112)

KHARKOV - Karel Margry visits the Ukraine to tell the story of the battles for this major city which changed hands four times during the war - the first battle (October 1941), the second battle (January-February 1943), the third battle (March 1943) and the fourth battle (August 1943). Preservation - Battery Maxim Gorkii I - One of the strongest fortifications defending the Soviet Naval Base of Sevastopol on the Crimea described by Svein Wiiger Olsen. It Happened Here - Re-enacting Operation 'Anglo' - Dr Peter Schenk visits Rhodes where former members of the SAS and SBS commemorated the operation of September 1942.

Issue 113

ISSUE No. 113 (Code A113)

THE SHELL HOUSE RAID - The story of the low-level Mosquito raid on the Gestapo headquarters in Copenhagen in March 1945 is described by Douglas Hinton. War Film - The Date of Infamy on Screen - Lawrence Suid describes the films made about the Japanes attack on Pearl Harbor including the making of the latest film directed by Michael Bay and released in 2001. United Kingdom - Deerbolt Camp - Frank T. Smith recounts the history of the training camp at Barnard Castle used in both World Wars. Wreck Recovery - The Icelandic Battle - In 1999 Hordur Geirsson found the remains of Fairey Battle P2330 on an Icelandic Glacier. Squadron Leader Nick Barr tells the story of the recovery and subsequent burial of the crew. It Happened Here - Bravery in New Guinea - Phillip Bradley describes the exploits of Private Nathan Van Noy at Finschhafen and Sergeant Thomas Derrick at Sattelberg. Remembrance - Commemorating Saskatchewan's War Dead - Doug Chisholm's remarkable efforts to memorialise servicemen who lost their lives from this Canadian province.

Issue 114

ISSUE No. 114 (Code A114)

THE SECRET WEAPONS V3 AND V4 - Jean Paul Pallud's detailed investigation in France, Luxembourg, Germany and Poland into the construction and use of the Hochdruckpumpe V3 and the Rheinbote V4 rocket. Italy - The Battle for Cecina - The battle in June/July 1944 for this Italian coastal town as described by Robert Holt and Daniele Guglielmi. It Happened Here - Rubensdörffer and the Croydon Raid - Andy Saunders describes the attack on August 15, 1940 by Eprobungsgruppe 210 which led to the death of its Commanding Officer. Wreck Recovery - Digging in Latvia's Valley of Death - Chris McDermott explores an uncleared battlefield in the Courland Peninsula. United Kingdom - Cowardice in Battle - Lieutenant-Colonel Archie Browne, who served in both World Wars explains the impact of fear and its consequences on the servicemen. The story includes the establishment of the 'Shot at Dawn' commemoration at the National Memorial Aboretum at Arewas, Burton-on-Trent.

Issue 115

Issue No. 115 (Code A115)

THE BATTLE OF THE MONS POCKET - Jean Paul Pallud describes the 3rd Armored Division drive into Belgium at the beginning of September 1944 in an operation which resulted in huge German losses in men and material. UK National Inventory of War Memorials - On November 8, 2001 the Imperial War Museum announced the launch of its new database and archive listing 45,000 War Memorials in the United Kingdom.

Issue 116

ISSUE No. 116 (Code A116)

PLUTO: PIPELINE UNDER THE OCEAN - The story of the development by the Petroleum Warfare Department of revolutionary methods to deliver fuel supplies to the continent using underwater pipelines. United Kingdom - World War Two Defences in Essex - Fred Nash describes his work for Essex County Council in recording all the defences constructed along this vulenrable coastline, including those constructed further inland. Wreck Discovery - 'Deadlight' U-Boat Investigation - Innes McCartney describes his expedition to dive on surrendered German U-Boats sunk in the north Atlantic at the end of the war. Pacific - The Recapture of Guam/Guam Today - The battle for this Pacific island in July 1944 as described by D. Colt Denfeld.

Issue 117

ISSUE No. 117 (Code A117)

HITLER ON THE WESTERN FRONT - Jean Paul Pallud retraces Hitler's visits to France and Belgium in 1940 including the Führer's personal tour of his First World War battlefield. It Happened Here - The Carlton Hotel Crash - J. C. Maarschalkerweerd describes the crash of Halifax DG423 in the centre of Amsterdam in April 1943. Operation 'Market-Garden' - The Odyssey of Private Bachenheimer - Frank van Lunteren and Karel Margry investigate the wartime career of a Paratrooper of the 504th Parachute Infantry up to his death in t'Harde in Holland in October 1944. Preservation - Twinwood Farm Then and Now - The restoration of the historic control tower at the airfield from where Major Glenn Miller took off on his fatal last fight.

Issue 118

ISSUE No. 118 (Code A118)

THE COCKLESHELL HEROES RAID - Brigadier Tony Hunter-Choat and Major Mark Bentinck tell the story of the Royal Marine operation in December 1942 to attack German shipping in Bordeaux harbour using two-man canoes in Operation 'Frankton'. Wreck Recovery - The Trials of Flying Officer George Kosh - Killed when his Hawker Tempest JN765 crashed near the Sussex coast during an early morning sortie to attack approaching flying bombs on July 1, 1944, the investigation of this airman's crash site was the subject of a court case in 2002. United Kingdom - RAF Officers' Hospital, Torquay - The story of the bombing of this RAF rehabilitation hospital on Sunday, October 25, 1942. It Happened Here - Werl Allied Prison - Helmuth Euler describes the history of the prison in this small Westphalian town which served as an Allied prison in the British zone of occupation from 1945 to 1957.

Issue 119

ISSUE No. 119 (Code A119)

BREAK-OUT ACROSS THE SEINE - Jean Paul Pallud describes in detail the crossings of the River Seine and the construction of the engineers' bridges which led to a resounding Allied success in less than 100 days. It Happened Here - Friendly Fire Incident - Following on from the story of the last flight of Hudson FK803 in issue 26, Phil Mertons establishes that its loss, and that of T9445, was due to mis-identification by P-61As of the 422nd Night Fighter Suadron. From the Editor - readers' letters and follow-up stories on previous issues.

Issue 120

ISSUE No. 120 (Code A120)

SAS TRAGEDY AT SENNECEY-LE-GRAND - Jean-Pierre Garnier tells the story of the abortive SAS operation in August 1944. Holland - Highlanders in the Low Countries - Operation 'Colin' by the 51st (Highland) Division in Holland in October 1944. It Happened Here - Kriegsmarine Listening Post at Castle Ter Linden - A fascinating account of the German Navy Interception Station south-west of Bruges in Belgium. A Veteran Remembers - CTC Castle Toward - Lieutenant Colonel Peter Peyman remembers the days when he served at the Combined Training Centre in Scotland. Wreck Investigation - The Death of George Preddy - Roger Freeman tells the tragic story of the last flight of the Eighth Air Force ace shot down by American anti-aircraft fire on Christmas Day 1944.

Issue 121

ISSUE No. 121 (Code A121)

SOE AND THE SPINDLE CIRCUIT - Jean Paul Pallud tells the story of the Special Operations Executive agent Odette Sansom and depicts the locations of the operations of the Spindle Circuit in south-eastern France, illustrating the story through the 1950 film, Odette, made by Herbert Wilcox. Veterans Return - The Hammelburg Raid - 2003 - Oberstleutnant Peter Domes escorts a group of American veterans including the leader of Task Force Baum in a re-visit of the route travelled in 1945, as described in issue 91. It Happened Here - The Savernake Forest Explosions - Mike Christensen takes a look at the site where a series of explosions rocked the area used for storing US bombs. Wreck Recovery - Adrian Warburton RAF Photo Recce Ace and The Mystery of Adrian Warburton Solved - Robin J. Brooks describes the career of Wing Commander Adrian Warburton who vanished in April 1944 during a mission over Germany, while Hermann Laage and Norbert Rödel describe the discovery of his crash site west of Munich.

Issue 122

ISSUE No. 122 (Code A122)

NOVEMBER PUSH TO THE RHINE - In issue 110 Jean Paul Pallud told the story of the US 6th Army Group from its landings on the Riviera in August 1944 through its drive north along the Rhône Valley. In this feature Jean Paul continues the story in the advance to the Rhine. Wreck Recovery - Recovery of an Arnhem Stirling - The story of the discovery of the largest single piece of a Stirling aircraft surviving anywhere in the world. War Graves - Finding America's Missing - A description of the research by Ted Darcy and Ray Emory to put names to US servicemen buried as unknown in the Pacific which has resulted in the identification of Seaman Thomas Hembree and Fireman 2nd Class Payton L. Vanderpool. It Happened Here - The Tigers of Massa Lombarda - A clash in April 1945 between New Zealanders and German schwere Panzer-Abteilung 504 in Italy. Readers' Investigation - The V1 Site at Val-Ygot - Peter Gosling investigates a preserved Flying Bomb site in northern France. Preservation - The Canadians Return to Kent - In 1944 the Essex Scottish Regiment left behind a casting of their cap badge in concrete on the farm in Kent where they had been camped. Six decades later a contingent from Canada returns to ceremoniously recover the artefacts.

Issue 123

ISSUE No. 123 (Code A123)

THE SIEGE OF LENINGRAD - The story of the longest ever siege endured by a modern city which lasted for nearly 900 days from August 1941 to January 1944. Preservation How Churchill and Wren Came to Missouri - Cyril Demarne describes Winston Churchill's visit to Fulton Missouri in March 1946, when he gave his 'Iron Curtain' speech, and how St Mary's church in Aldermanbury, in the City of London came to be dismantled and moved to Missouri. United Kingdom The Admiralty Citadel - Roger Morgan describes the construction of the massive blockhouse on Horse Guards Parade in London, including the resiting of the Royal Naval Division Memorial alongside it on the original plinth from which it was dismantled in 1940. It Happened Here The Death of General Andrews.- David Hanson's account of the flight to Iceland in May 1943 which ended in the death of the Commanding General of the European Theater of Operations.

Issue 124

ISSUE No. 124 (Code A124)

GERMAN AIR RAID SHELTERS - Michael Foedrowitz carries out a detailed investigation into the varied and unusual types of air raid shelter constructed in Germany using those in Hannover as an example. It Happened Here Capture of Mussolini's last residence - The Villa Feltrinelli on Lake Garda was the official residence of the Italian dictator from October 1943 to April 1945. Our story describes its capture by the US 10th Mountain Division. Wreck Recovery A relic from the Battle of Leros. - Dr Peter Schenck describes the recovery of a Ju 52 from a depth of over 120 ft in Alinda Bay by the Greek Air Force. Remembrance One of Ireland's Aviator Heroes.- Andy Saunders tells of the plight of 21-year-old Sergeant Pilot John McAdam of No. 41 Squadron as he took off in his Spitfire, No. P9512, from RAF Hornchurch, Essex on Saturday, October 12, 1940. From the Editor - Readers' letters and follow-up stories on previous issues.

Issue 125

ISSUE No. 125 (Code A125)

WHO DOWNED DOUGLAS BADER? - There has always been an air of mystery surrounding the events of August 9, 1941 when Wing Commander Douglas Bader failed to return from a sweep over France. Andy Saunders investigates the circumstances and comes up with an astounding revelation. Remembrance Australia's Ex-POW Memorial - Words and pictures by David Green describing the unveiling of the first memorial of its kind in the world. THE BATTLE OF THE COLMAR POCKET Jean Paul Pallud revisits the battlefield in south-eastern France.